How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Refurbished Computers

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Refurbished Computers



Small Businesses in South Africa can benefit from investing in good quality certified refurbished computers. Here at Tsele le Tsele we source certified refurbished computers from well-established and trusted IT Asset Management Companies.


If you are a Small Business looking to update your systems or need an affordable solution that guarantees quality and can meet your tight budget, you should consider a refurbished desktop or laptop. These are typically almost brand new, up-to-date models that function perfectly well.

Here are the five ways small businesses can benefit from refurbished computers:

Cost Effective Solution

Refurbished computers are highly cost effective as they can be up to 80% less than brand new computers. Buying a refurbished computer is that your total cost is going to be much lower than when compared to buying a brand new version with similar components.

With huge savings on top of the range brands like HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu and Dell, your budget can be stretched greatly.

Best Performance For Price

Refurbished computers typically offer an outstanding best price/performance ratio, meaning you can have access to faster machines with more memory and functionality than you may have hoped for. In essence, this can allow you to future proof your set-up for a number of years as you can opt for computers of better quality than you could otherwise afford.

This can be an incredibly important consideration as new computers launching on the market continually ‘push the bar’ and the evolution of IT hardware available for your business.


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Reduce Business Waste

When it’s time to upgrade your hardware to increase productivity, you can look at it as an opportunity to reduce business waste that will end up in a landfill. This, in turn, reduces costs spent on managing and handling waste and can even save some industries from penalties faced for failing to meet recycling quotas.

Improve Public Image

Being ‘green’ and environmentally conscious is brilliant to boost your public image; potential customers are impressed by companies at the forefront of recycling and it can be a selling point against competitors. In essence, it presents you as a reliable, trustworthy and honest brand with an ethical standpoint the public can get behind and support.

Invest In Business Growth

You will have the best technology that fits your unique business needs and growth aspirations for your business to run at its best. An investment in a brand that you can trust - a brand that has longevity, stands behind its products with warranty and support, and offers real value.


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Quality Guarantee Warranty

Refurbished computers are rigorously checked and tested before being sold and provides a 6-12 month standard warranty. This means you can upgrade with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge you’ll receive high quality computers to meet your requirements.


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