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Finding The Best Computer For A Student

A Basic Guide: Finding The Best Computer For Students


As a student you need to do researches on the internet, write papers and long reports, communicate with teachers on a regular basis, create presentations, do excel spreadsheets and much more. For these tasks you need the right computer and how will you know which type of computer to purchase? Here are a few tips for finding the best computer for students.

Tips to make working from home effective

Coronavirus Lockdown: 4 Tips To Make Working From Home Effective

4 Tips To Make Working From Home Effective

To thousands of South Africans, Working From Home under Coronavirus Lockdown might sound very cool, but its much harder than it looks.

Looking To Buy a Refurbished Computer

Are You Looking To Buy A Refurbished Computer

Factors To Consider When Buying Refurbished Computers

Not everyone has the means to or the budget to buy a brand new computer. When this is not possible you should consider buying a refurbished PC or otherwise known as refurbished computer. Refurbished computers are generally a great option since it cost about 30% - 50% less than the retail price of a brand new computer.

Low Budget Computer For Your New Business

Low Budget Computer For Your New Business

Find the Most Affordable Computer For Your New Startup Business

Now that you are starting your new business and probably on a tight budget, you are obviously going to do some research on the most affordable desktop or laptop for your startup. IT equipment like Computers is the heart and soul of every modern business, so it’s not a decision to take lightly.

Refurbished Computers

We Are Selling Refurbished Computers


Tsele Le Tsele Online Shop is computer reseller with the main focus on refurbished desktops, refurbished laptops, and latest in computer peripherals, accessories and software. Refurbished computers are always cheaper than new, and sometimes just as good.

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