About Tsele le Tsele

Who Is Tsele le Tsele

Tsele le Tsele is an Online Tech Store for new and refurbished computer products. From laptops, desktops, tablets, and monitors to printers, routers, and speakers, shoppers can browse and buy a wide variety of electronics on Tsele le Tsele Online Shop’s extensive but easy-to-navigate ecommerce site.

Leading The Way With Refurbished

Refurbished computers are always cheaper than new, and sometimes just as good. Refurbished computers are a reliable and affordable solution for Schools, Students, NPO’s, Internet Café’s and sections of disadvantaged community in the Northern Cape and South Africa as a whole - the community which otherwise would have been denied access to information technology. 

Since we operate as an Online Shop we do not carry stock and stock availability changes frequently, be sure to contact us often. Keep on searching for that affordable computers deal!

Why Choose Tsele le Tsele Online Shop?

LOW Prices

Our aim is to provide low priced and affordable refurbished computers to all so we have strived to cut cost without compromising quality.

Leading BRANDS

We make use of the most trusted & leading brands of refurbished computers ensuring that you, the client, always leaves with a bargain.


Refurbished computers provides a far better price versus value specification when compared to buying new computers.


Refurbished and Certified by a trusted and accredited refurbishing Company. Refurbished Laptop and Desktops offer high-quality, warrantied product at a low cost.


Refurbish in common language is “to renew or to restore to a new condition and/or appearance”. In the IT world, refurbished equipment is not necessarily defective in any way, it may just be older stock that has been revived to an almost new performing state as well as chassis restoration. When hardware is refurbished, the components are examined and non-working parts are replaced. Expect that the product might (not always) show minor external signs of wear. The computers and laptops are acquired from corporate companies after they upgrade their IT equipment on their upgrade cycle.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a real Company?

We’re as real as it gets! Our full name is AUCO General Traders CC t/a Tsele le Tsele. Our company registration number is (2010/130890/23).