A Meeting Recording Solution For Any Situation

A Meeting Recording Solution For Any Situation


Philips have range of recorders optimized for any meeting environment! Whether you need to record your company meetings, disciplinary hearings, HR matters or even larger conferences there is a Philips recorder available to capture every word.


With our comprehensive speech-to-text solutions, the needs of all users in a dictation environment are met and satisfied. Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) is the only full solution provider for all speech-to-text needs, such as software, hardware and services, from one strong global brand. Practical technology, sophisticated yet simple, allows you to enhance your working environment and simply work smarter.


Capture every meeting in excellent, noise-free audio quality. Simply place the 360° meeting microphone on the table, press record on the remote control and capture all speakers, from every angle. The bundled package comes with an additional boundary microphone.



 dvt8110 Bundle Meeting Recorder

DVT8110 Small Meeting Recorder


 DVT8110 Bundle Meeting Recorder

 for up to 10 people


 for up to 20 people

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Let every voice be heard and important ideas remembered. The innovative Pocket Memo meeting recorder allows you to capture everyone's ideas in excellent audio quality, no matter where they are seated around the table. The extendable 360° microphone system offers flexibility as well as ease of use.


DPM8900 Conference Meeting Recorder 

 for up to 40-60 people

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360° Recording For Perfectly Documented Meetings

The innovative full-radius meeting recorder captures everyone’s ideas in excellent audio quality no matter where they are seated at the table. The meeting microphone’s boundary layer design uses dynamic acoustic pressure to provide excellent sound and recording quality with a full 360° sound pick-up.


MP3 Recording For Easy File Sharing

Capture your recordings in MP3 format. The popular file format allows you to play back your files virtually anywhere and simply share them with others.


24 bit/96 kHz Quality Recording For Capturing Every Detail

The VoiceTracer captures audio in spectacular 24 bit/96 kHz. This uncompressed recording makes sure you capture every beat in the most natural and crisp audio quality possible. 





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